The Music Mermaid is an online music publication dedicated to bringing you news and reviews about the most magical, marvelous music you won't want to miss. 

The story behind Music Mermaid:

Five years ago, before we got our shiny new name and a spiffy website, our music reviews lived online through an amateur build-your-own site we called Freerider Music Reviews. It was doused in cheesy purple accents and Comic Sans (don't hold it against us -- we were young). A mini hobby, born out of a massive passion, turned into Buzz Artist, a full-blown music website that operated for four years. There, we conducted phone and email Q&As with our favorite artists, shared reviews of albums we loved, and launched a strong social media presence.

After years of hard work with Buzz Artist, that musical chapter had ended and we felt we needed to explode creatively -- so we launched The Music Mermaid. Now, we are doing everything we set out to do five years ago, but this time we're doing it bigger and better than before. We've got a hunger for music and we want to share the marvelous, magical, sonic wonders of the world with you. Here at The Music Mermaid, we've got you covered. Enjoy our exclusive interviews, frequent CD giveaways, constant music news, album reviews, and so much more.

The minds behind Music Mermaid:


Savannah Davanzo

Founder / Lead Editor / Madly in love with music

Musical Crush: Leon Bridges
Favorite Song: "Backwards Walk" by Frightened Rabbit
Favorite Musicians: Lorde, Listener, Frightened Rabbit, Big D & The Kids Table, Ella Fitzgerald, Old 97s, Kesha, Grieves, Explosions In The Sky
Favorite Way To Listen To Music: Loudly, blasting in a car on a long road trip
Favorite Genres: Pop, hip-hop, Americana
Random tidbits: I'm passionate about children's literacy, I have my Master’s degree in Arts Entrepreneurship, I dabble in social media coordinating, I am a major bibliophile, my favorite color is pink (with sparkles), my favorite food is ice cream, I'm scared of the dark, and I am the most musically inept person you'll ever meet... surprise!