15 Magical Albums from the Summer of 2017

15 Magical Albums from the Summer of 2017

This summer has been a major success for music. We've seen comeback albums from fan favorites like Haim and sexy new singles from our biggest pop stars. After devouring 2017's summer of tunes, The Music Mermaid are bringing you our 15 favorite albums of the last few months. In order of their release date, here are the records we're smashing the replay button for:


Dua Lipa by Dua Lipa - Released June 2nd

At just 21 years old, English powerhouse Dua Lipa is climbing the top charts. Her self-titled debut album focuses on relatable themes like sex, embracing womanhood, the ups and downs of love, and personal strength. Lipa's distinct, smoky voice carries the record, strong in its power moments and raspy during its more emotional points. Slick percussion merging with synth dance beats make for addictive club bangers; softer piano rhythms meshing with Lipa's aching vocals make for tender ballads you'll fall in love with.

Standout tracks: "New Rules," your new breakup anthem. "Begging," a sultry love song.




The Nashville Sound by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Released June 16th

One of the most prolific songwriters of our time, Jason Isbell is no stranger to releasing heavy-hitting confessions in the form of explosive alt-country rhythms and brooding acoustic-driven tunes, all of which get Jason's special lyric treatment with poignant, bittersweet lines like "lovers leave chaos and clothes / in the quiet corners where you rarely ever go." Prepare to have your heart broken. 

Standout tracks: "Chaos and Clothes," a devastating look at lost love. "Tupelo," a gentle rollick of Americana epiphany.

Jason Isbell


Melodrama by Lorde - Released June 16th

Pop prodigy Lorde's sophomore effort is a stunning diary of young adulthood -- a concept album navigating the quiet anticipation before a big party all the way to its waking-up-with-strangers end. Disorienting, otherworldly arrangements give the record a one-of-a-kind vibe as Lorde pummels her way through love and loss.

Standout tracks: "Writer In The Dark," an aching powerhouse ballad. "Hard Feelings/Loveless," a mesmerizing genre-bending dual track.







Something Good by Dan Mills - Released July 7th

On his latest album, singer-songwriter Dan Mills expertly pulls together a collection of twangy sing-alongs and sweet love songs. Insistent percussion meets flavorful rhythm lines as Mills' smooth voice is strong and swoon-worthy. The stories in his songs are innocent, relatable, tender, and each one is the perfect gem of sonic goodness. 

Standout tracks: "Sandy," a sparkling acoustic tune. "Hold On," a gorgeous piano ballad.

Dan Mills

Sarah Jaffe

Bad Baby by Sarah Jaffe - Released July 7th

Singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe's seventh album is a warbling, swirling electro-pop heaven. She has perfected the middle ground -- and who knew there even was one -- of synth-pop experiments and slinky slow-jams, all led by her melodic voice. The album is hypnotic, creeping rhythms often erupting into otherworldly arrangements.

Standout tracks: "Doctor's Orders," the woozy electronic bop. "Freaking Out," a sizzling synth experiment.

Ornaments by Builder Of The House - Released July 14th

Maine-based folk-pop duo Builder Of The House released an intriguing collection of genre-defying tunes. With low, rumbling percussion, worldly multi-instrumentation, and haunting vocals, every song is a new experience, unlike anything you'll hear on the radio, thanks to their unique nature.

Standout tracks: "Look At The Man," a tender introspective narrative about identity. "Evergreen," a surprising folk track.

Builder Of The House.jpg

Kenneth Whalum

Broken Land by Kenneth Whalum - Released July 14th

On his solo debut album, professional saxophonist Whalum offers his deliciously breathy vocals for a slightly sinister, magnetic collection of R&B ballads. With dreamy, jazzy rhythms and haunting harmonies, the record will stay with you long after you leave it, like a ghost.

Standout tracks: "Motive," the pulsing, anxious harmony-driven track. "Don't Look Back," the gentle folk-twang closer.

Oh Wonder

Ultralife by Oh Wonder - Released July 14th

London-based alt-pop duo Oh Wonder spent the summer teasing fans with slick, sultry singles. Their newest album is a hazy electro-pop paradise. Dazzling keyboard-led tunes with enchanting harmonies fill the record, seriously mesmerizing nighttime jams and windows-down anthems.

Standout tracks: "Heart Strings," a pulsing era-confused soul track. "Slip Away," a soft slinking lullaby.


Racing Time by DWNTWN - Released July 21st

On their debut record, Los Angeles indie-pop band offer 10 tracks of bittersweet reminders about love and identity. Sugary sweet vocals float above high-powered percussion and sparkling beats that hide beneath intense lyrics like "holy ghosts and bloodshot eyes / yeah, your kiss keeps me up all night."

Standout tracks: "Fourteen," a nostalgic ballad. "Back & Forth," an angsty alt-pop anthem.

Nicole Atkins

Goodnight Rhonda Lee by Nicole Atkins - Released July 21st

Old-school singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins makes magic. Her latest album is chockful of classic powerhouse vocal performances with 50s and 60s backing instrumentation like gentle piano lulls and psychedelic percussion. Each song is an addictive slice of psych-pop meets Americana soul. 

Standout tracks: "Darkness Falls So Quiet," a groovy soul jam. "Sleepwalking," a flavorful orchestral tune.


Good For You by Aminé - Released July 28th

Aminé is a relatively new rapper on the scene, but he's well-deserving of the praise. His debut album is full of fun hip-hop sing-alongs, quirky electric rhythms throbbing against Aminé's drowsy vocals delivering clever wordplay like "knocking on my conscience every morning like Jehovah."

Standout tracks: "Spice Girl," your next summer obsession. "Beach Boy," a bright optimistic anthem.

Coast Modern

Coast Modern by Coast Modern - Released July 28th

LA-based indie-pop duo Coast Modern's debut album is decked out in candy coated summer bangers, interspersed with sleek instrumentals that experiment with all sorts of groovy sounds like chimes and rewind layers. There's a delicious optimism to the record that's just begging listeners to have a good time.

Standout tracks: "Guru," a trippy beach blast. "Run It Up," a catchy high-energy feel-good tune.

Moonrise Nation

Glamour Child by Moonrise Nation - Released July 28th

Chicago-based indie trio Moonrise Nation's debut record is a seriously impressive feat, offering gorgeously intricate harmony-driven ballads. The songs are emotional, the lyrics are poignant, the arrangements are gentle folk, all coming together to create mesmerizing songs of love and loss.

Standout tracks: "Eye To Eye," an aching delicacy. "Glamour Child," the beautifully bittersweet title track.

Manchester Orchestra

A Black Mile To The Surface by Manchester Orchestra - Released July 29th

Prolific indie-rock band Manchester Orchestra are no strangers to releasing intense, in-your-face albums and their latest is no different. Intricate production gives life to each intimate song, as fragile vocals sing lines like "somebody said it's unspeakable love."

Standout tracks: "The Maze," the emotional and throbbing opener. "The Parts," a stripped-down love song.


Rainbow by Kesha - Released August 11th

Pop goddess Kesha returns after years of injustice at the hands of an abuser and the legal system. Her latest album is a stunning, quirky, genre-hopping collection of comeback songs about identity, self-empowerment, and happiness. Here, Kesha is reborn in a delicious delirium of rainbow emotion.

Standout tracks: "Hunt You Down," the tongue-in-cheek outlaw country tune. "Spaceship," the profound and otherworldly closer.

Think we missed the mark on our picks? Let us know in the comments below which albums you have been loving this summer!

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