20 Top EPs Of Summer 2017

20 Top EPs Of Summer 2017

We've already agreed that this has been the summer of sonic success -- with comebacks from major pop stars, surprise albums dropped, and tons of slick singles from our favorite songwriters, the summer of 2017 has granted us some serious music love. Earlier this week, we put together a list of our favorite full-length albums, so now we're sharing our 20 top EPs from the summer right here (in order of their release date):

1. Gold In You by Ashleigh BallIndie-pop band Hey Ocean!'s lead vocalist, Ashleigh Ball, released her debut solo record back in June. The EP is stacked with dance pop gems. Not only is the production impressive, the arrangements are colorful and vibrant and Ball's vocals are sugary sweet with a soul influence. Every track dazzles with layers of catchy power-pop rhythms, the perfect recipe for a summer soundtrack. Standout tracks: "Crazy" and "Blue Moon"

2. Sometimes by Young TroyMontreal-based hip-hop artist Young Troy's debut EP is a slick, thoughtful introduction to his talent as a wordsmith and vocalist. The tracks are smooth easy-listening, combining hazy electro pulses for major danceability and cool, quick rap for lyrical obsession. Standout tracks: "Just Might" and "Sometimes"

3. I Don't Like Being Honest by The AcesPowerhouse pop group The Aces have been buzzed about all summer. On their debut EP, they craft four radio-ready anthems. Soulful harmony, groovy instrumentation, and relatable lyrics like "It's some kind of magic between you and I / But I gotta be honest, baby / We just can't get it right" come together for obsession-worthy pop wonders. Standout tracks: "Stuck" and "Touch" 

4. California Freaks by Carrie LanePop singer-songwriter and model Carrie Lane released her debut EP this summer, four tracks of woozy, sultry soulful anthems. She's a powerhouse vocalist, perfectly capturing a smoky, breathy tone above tropical rhythms and sleek dance hooks. Standout tracks: "Drowning" and "If I Can't Be With You"

5. Party's Over by Astrid SYoung Norwegian artist Astrid S dropped her sophomore EP a few months ago, offering slices of pure pop perfection that threaten to climb the top charts. Her voice is a mere wisp, airy and full of vibrato, while the accompanying arrangements move from intriguing R&B dance ragers to twinkling electro beats. Standout tracks: "Such A Boy" and "Does She Know"

6. Kaleidoscopes by TransvioletNew LA-based band Transviolet are quickly on the rise, gaining a loyal fanbase who are rightfully obsessed with their carefree charm and sing-along anthems. Their newest EP is heavily percussion-based as throbbing rhythms swirl around smooth vocals. Standout tracks: "Kaleidoscopes" and "Bruises"

7. Something American by Jade BirdOn her debut EP, young English singer-songwriter Jade Bird gives us tender folk tunes. The record is carefully curated, sparse in its acoustic arrangements but growing in intensity during the choruses, and the vocals are clear and distinct. Standout tracks: "Something American" and "Cathedral"

8. Dirt by Hayden Calnin: Australian singer-songwriter Calnin's latest EP is a devastating confession of mental health as he uses sparkling, swirling, haunting arrangements to peek inside despair. His voice is an aching growl and every song is designed to destroy you, but does so gorgeously. Standout tracks: "Visible" and "Dirt"

9. Add Violence by Nine Inch NailsTheir second EP of the year, the iconic industrial rock band offer five creeping gut-punches. The instrumentation is slick and ambient, floating above foggy falsetto and desperate delivery, but sometimes in-your-face rhythms burst onto the scene, crafting a ghostly and robotic collection. Standout tracks: "This Isn't The Place" and "Not Anymore"

10. Solar by KwayeThe Zimbabwe-born artist dropped a 12-minute EP, three songs of genre-defying experimentation. 80s dance influences meet modern R&B and merge with pure soul for catchy, captivating tracks with a whole lot of heart. Standout tracks: "Cool Kids" and "Sweetest Life"

11. Nervous System by Julia MichaelsThe young artist has penned chart-topping singles for the biggest stars, and she proves her solo talent on her debut EP. The record is full of seriously addictive pop anthems decorated by electric percussion and led by Michaels' angelic voice. Standout tracks: "Uh Huh" and "Worst In Me"

12. All Your Fault: Part 2 by Bebe RexhaWell-known vocal collaborator Bebe Rexha's third solo EP is a homerun. She enlists the help of some music legends, but she doesn't need it. Her vocal performance is killer, the beats are both sleek and catchy, and overall each song comes together for an EP full of radio-ready summer anthems. Standout tracks: "I Got Time" and "(Not) The One"

13. dont smile at me by Billie EilishShe might be 15, but she has all the elements of a future popstar. Her voice is unbelievable, clear and mature, while her knack for layering vocals and sultry, sexy rhythms is undeniable. Every track on Eilish's EP is mesmerizing. Standout tracks: "my boy" and "ocean eyes"

14. Manna by FashawnOn his latest EP, California-based hip-hop artist Fashawn goes hard with rapid, witty wordplay and intensifying arrangements. The result is honest, wondrous, and wildly creative. His delivery is on point with versatile vocals and poetic raps. Standout tracks: "Proud" and "Clouds Above"

15. New Shackle Island by Foster McGintyMarried Americana duo Foster McGinty's new EP proves that they are worthy songwriters on the Nashville scene. Their tunes are high-energy alt-rock gems with fiery rhythms and sweet harmony, singing intense lines like "Everyone around here is a ghost / I’m on a bad ride / I’m hurting everyone that loves me the most." Standout tracks: "Bad Ride" and "Overdue"

16. J U S T P R O C E S S by J U S T P R O C E S SUnder his new moniker, Philly-based producer Ben Runyan enlisted local vocal talent on his debut EP. The result is five tracks of instant club bangers, heavy with electro-pop arrangements and soulful powerhouse voices. Standout tracks: "Daydreaming" ft. Caitlin Hoffert and "I Already Know" ft. Joannie Jimenez

17. Blood by WolfyOn her debut EP, LA-based songwriter and producer Wolfy teams up with fellow musicians for a deliciously genre-defying record. Soulful electric rhythms, acoustic confessions, and sweet singalongs dot the EP, all of which are impeccably produced with care and creativity. Standout tracks: "The Apology Song" and "Wasted On The Young" ft. Huxlee and AMAN

18. Unusable Love by El Ten ElevenPost-rock group El Ten Eleven are no strangers to releasing addictive ambient records. On their latest EP, they team up with vocalist Emile Mosseri for a few enchanting, gorgeous tracks that demand to be replayed. Standout tracks: "Unusable Love" and "She's A Live One"

19. Figures Bathed In Light by MoxiLA indie-pop duo Moxi have released an intriguing EP that experiments with electronic beats and wild explosions of percussion-based rhythm. The vocals are sweet and the lyrics are poignant. Standout tracks: "Figures Bathed In Light" and "The Sea"

20. stardustexhalemarrakechdreams by ZHUElectronic producer ZHU has only been active for a few years but he has earned the spotlight. His newest EP is utterly brilliant, each track layered with synth goodness and bizarre elements that come together to create a mesmerizing, schizophrenic record. Standout tracks: "Exhale" and "Chasing Marrakech"

Think we missed the mark on our picks? Let us know in the comments below which EPs you have been loving this summer!

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