Pop Princess Lo Lo Drops Debut Single, The Sugary Breakup Anthem "Yours"

Pop Princess Lo Lo Drops Debut Single, The Sugary Breakup Anthem "Yours"

We've all been through shitty breakups. We've all subsisted on pints of Ben & Jerry's and healthy doses of melodramatic tweeting, but not too many of us have ever been dumped on April Fool's. 

Enter pop princess Lo Lo, a Toronto-based singer-songwriter ready to share the story behind her, uh, ill-timed breakup. On her debut single (yep, this is her first official release!) "Yours," she crafts the perfect radio anthem, narrating the sadness she experienced after getting dumped on April 1st (nope, not a joke)... lucky for her, and for us, she expertly turns pain into pop.

"Yours" bubbles and fizzes with an array of sonic details that pop up damn near everywhere. The track opens on a Cali-inspired tropical guitar line before Lo Lo's cool vocals come in with this brilliant lyric: "You made me feel like a fool in April." Throughout the song, twinkles of keys chime in the empty spaces, snaps of Double Bubble burst, steady percussion thumps. This deliciously curated arrangement -- built on in-your-face sonic surges and explosive instrumental union -- beats beneath Lo Lo's breathy voice. "Yours" is the chart-topping bubblegum pop bop we've been dying for. Perhaps it's less of a breakup anthem, though, and more of a breakout

Dance around your room to "Yours" on repeat below... for best results, have a hairbrush microphone in one hand and ice cream in the other.

Btw, if "Yours" doesn't convince you of the kind of star Lo Lo will be in the coming years (trust us on this), check out the acoustic covers she puts out. Girl's got a voice and it's a good one.

Connect with Lo Lo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and read on for an exclusive interview with the bubbly songstress herself!

The Music Mermaid: First, can you tell The Music Mermaid a little about yourself and your music?
Lo Lo: Hi!! I’m Lo Lo! My real name is Lauren but everyone calls me Lolo. I’ve been working on writing and recording songs for a few years now, but I finally just released my first single called "Yours." All of my music is inspired by things that really happened to me or [to] some of my best friends. My songs are pretty personal, but I also think that they’re very relatable.

TMM: What is the music scene like in Toronto and how has it influenced your work at all?
Lo Lo: The music scene in Toronto is epic because it’s filled with so much diversity, just like the diverse people here. The fact that everyone has such a unique style definitely influences how I make my own music because it gives me that extra push to make music that I like, no matter what it sounds like. 

TMM: We’re ridiculously obsessed with “Yours” -- it’s the perfect sugary pop track. What was the production process like for it?
Lo Lo: THANK YOU!! The production process was a process to say the least. The song was originally a lot slower and the production was piano-based. It was way sadder a year ago when I wrote it. As I slowly got over my breakup, I wanted to make the song more of a bop and less of a ballad. After we found the right guitar part, the rest of the production came easy.

A lot of sounds and instruments in "Yours" came from mistakes. During one of the first production sessions, I was chewing double bubble and the entire thing popped all over my face, and then I was like, wait... put that sound in NOW. The piano lick at the end and when I say “ugh” were all mistakes too that we ended up liking. I guess it was fate!

TMM: It’s definitely a breakup song, but a seemingly nonchalant, “eh, shit happens” one. Can you talk about the songwriting and general inspiration behind it?
Lo Lo: I wrote the song a couple days after I got dumped out of nowhere on April Fools Day. I was really sad, but I was also kind of laughing at myself that I was the epitome of an April fool. I really like to use wordplay when I write songs, and I loved the way “you made me feel like a fool in April” sounded. I thought it was tragically cool.

I couldn’t stop thinking about my breakup — everything reminded me of it, from the necklace I was wearing, to my ex’s sweater that was hanging over my closet door. Writing songs when I’m sad or rattled always makes me feel better, so I sat down on my bed and wrote almost the entire song in minutes. As time passed, I switched some of the words to be less sad, because I was less sad. The minute I stopped feeling bad for myself was when the song started to reflect that nonchalant attitude. It’s almost like a celebration of sadness. Heartbreak SUCKS — but hey, everyone goes through it. 

TMM: You maintain a pretty big social presence. How has the social media landscape helped your music? 
Lo Lo: I love to put up acoustic covers that I record in my room — I think that’s where I got the majority of my followers from. I’ve had followers of mine asking about original music for a while, so I’m glad that I can finally start showing them stuff :)

TMM: What do you feel are the current advantages and disadvantages of the music industry today?
Lo Lo: Hmm... It’s an advantage that music is so easily accessible these days. Instead of hearing a select amount of artists on the radio, you can hear millions of different artists on Spotify, Apple Music, etc, so more artists can get their music out there... That’s probably also the disadvantage though — there are so many talented artists putting out music. You gotta find a way to stand out from the crowd. 

TMM: Quick, tell us your favorite… book, movie, item in your closet, color, inspiration.
Lo Lo: Harry Potter (all of them!!). Catch Me If You Can. My bright pink Champion windbreaker from Urban Outfitters. Tiffany blue. My best friend, Ellen -- I’d go insane without her.

TMM: Who are three musicians you think the world needs to hear ASAP?
Lo Lo: 
The Yodeling kid -- you need to hear his song if you haven’t already. He doesn't even yodel in it, but it’s amazing.

Tove Styrke — I’m loving her these days. She just released a new album and it’s pretty epic. [Editor's note: I've been obsessed with "On The Low" since my friend showed it to me a few months ago. You gotta listen to that.]

JP Saxe — He is an angel. [Editor's note: An angel indeed. "Changed" is my favorite.]

TMM: What has been your most memorable music moment so far?
Lo Lo: My song was playing at Victoria’s Secret... *does happy dance in bra and underwear*

The Music Mermaid: Finally, what’s next for Lo Lo?
Lo Lo: I’ve got a lot more songs coming soon! The story doesn’t end after "Yours," so stay tuned…

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