Interview: Alt-Indie Band BADTALKERS Oppose Gun Violence With New Single "No Pity"

Interview: Alt-Indie Band BADTALKERS Oppose Gun Violence With New Single "No Pity"

Los Angeles band BADTALKERS have something to say about the gun violence and drug epidemic plaguing our country: they want it gone. Don't we all? On their new single "No Pity," the alt-indie group ruminate on the tragic truths of today's violence. 

Each growing up in communities where homicide and drug abuse were horrifyingly prevalent, the members of BADTALKERS united a few years ago to make music and tell stories. They're doing one of the most admirable things you can do in this industry: using their status as a platform to be brutally honest about the things that matter. Their earlier single, "Dark Halls," captured the same subject matter: "you're just a coward with a gun" nonchalantly harmonized throughout the track. Today, the band has released yet another desperate stand against gun violence with "No Pity."

"No Pity" opens with insistent indie rhythms matched with understated percussive thumps. Calm, cool vocals keep steady above the beat, singing heavy lines like "the sound of sirens warning" and "the villains are gunning." The multi-instrumentation moves from gritty, haunting swells to relaxed melodies, each wave of rhythm effortlessly weaving into one another throughout the course of the track. "No Pity" is a slick alt-indie anthem powered by synth trills and deep bass, but it's also so much more -- an eerie reality descends upon the song. A blanket of dark certainty about America's incessant tragedies, "No Pity" is a candid opposition to gun violence and a shiny alternative tune. Listen to the beat but make sure you hear the message.

Watch the music video for "No Pity" below, listen on Spotify, and read on for an exclusive interview with BADTALKERS right here on The Music Mermaid.

The Music Mermaid: First, can you tell The Music Mermaid a little about yourselves and your music?
BADTALKERS: Hi, we're BADTALKERS, an indie band from Compton, California.

TMM: You guys are based in Los Angeles -- AKA one of the most over-saturated hubs for making music. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being LA musicians?
BADTALKERS: LA has a lot to offer. It's a melting pot of culture and art, which is an advantage for networking, and meeting like-minded people. The disadvantage is having to get through the noise.

TMM: Describe each other in three words each.
BADTALKERS: Richard - no holds barred. Danny - slimy yet satisfying. Matt - fresh, offbeat, progressive. Christian -  🔥🔥🔥 [Editor's note: That's three fire emojis, folks. He must be the real deal.]

TMM: What was the production process like for your new single, “No Pity”?
BADTALKERS: Our producer, Adam Castilla, singer of The Colourist, wanted us to focus on our roots and upbringing, so we wrote [about] our daily experiences living in urban areas of LA, which inspired the urban and hip-hop sound within BADTALKERS.

TMM: The new track focuses on some heavy material like gun violence and a general drug epidemic. Can you talk more about this concept you guys are shedding light on?
BADTALKERS: We wanted to write about issues we're currently experiencing, not just in our community, but the entire world. This song in particular is in the first person point-of-view of someone right in the middle of a drug deal, while a shooting occurs. This gives a fresh perspective of the seriousness of this epidemic, and hopefully inspires people to take a stand on the subject matter.

TMM: How do you guys collaborate in terms of songwriting and ideation?
BADTALKERS: Richard is the voice of BADTALKERS -- the initial riff and melody comes from him, while the rest of the band comes together to make it whole. Our producer sits with us through the entire process to bring in fresh ideas and sounds; to keep it unique and out-of-the-box.

TMM: In what ways has your music evolved since releasing “Dark Halls” last year? Have your sound or process changed in any way?
BADTALKERS: As BADTALKERS, we grow and evolve during every writing session. We try to bring in new sounds every time to keep it special.

TMM: Who are three musicians you think the world needs to hear ASAP?
BADTALKERS: King Krule, Steve Lacy, and BADTALKERS.

TMM: What has been your most memorable musical moment so far?
BADTALKERS: Songwriting as BADTALKERS have been the most memorable moments for this band so far.

The Music Mermaid: Finally, what’s next for BADTALKERS?
BADTALKERS: We're working on a new music video for the next single, finishing up our EP, and booking shows in California.

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