Artist Spotlight: Harmony-driven indie-pop band SondorBlue

Artist Spotlight: Harmony-driven indie-pop band SondorBlue

Meet the guys of SondorBlue. They're not your typical indie band. Driven by devastating harmonies and thoughtful instrumentation, the Charleston-based quartet are certainly something to swoon over. 

Everything You Need To Know About SondorBlue

1. Who they are: SondorBlue is made up of John Sheehan (acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals), Andrew Halley (bass and vocals), Connor Hollifield (lead guitar, vocals), and Drew Lewis (percussion). The guys are best friends from Hilton Head, South Carolina (just a few hours from Charleston).

2. How to describe their sound: Many write-ups about the band include comparisons to legendary groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys, but SondorBlue have a distinct individuality that's hard to describe. Three-part harmony is the major defining characteristic of the group; you can expect a rich onslaught of ear-pleasing melody at any point in a song. The instrumentation is often geared towards catchy pop arrangements, but done in a way that is seriously impressive, garnering a lot of love for their production. Rock solos can be found on a few tracks, and you're in for some groovy indie rhythms too. 

3. What their name means: The band describes the word "sondor" as meaning that everybody you pass, each stranger or friend, are having their own unique experiences, and therefore everybody is united by the fact that we are all living out situations under our own experiences. In an interview with Charlestown Sounds, Andrew concisely says "sondor" means that "we're all going through a unique and complex story." The "blue" part, though, remains a mystery.

4. How they document their journey: A characteristic each member of SondorBlue share is that they are all creative. Their journey with music is special, so they wanted to document each step of the way and share with their fans. To do so, they launched a mini v-log of their Life Is Here tour told in brief "episodes" which you can keep up with here

5. When and where you can catch them: SondorBlue are currently on tour, having spent the summer working their way around the East coast. Lucky for fans, they'll be spending the next few months on the road too, hitting locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. You can check out their tour schedule right here

6. What people are saying about them: It's no surprise that publications and radio all over are loving these guys. They've been getting some big buzz on pop-culture magazine PopDust, their singles have garnered hundreds of thousands of spins on Spotify, and music journalist Kaleb Eisele was stunned by the band's killer live performances upon hearing them play in Charleston. SondorBlue deserve the praise; it is well-earned and unending. 

Songs To Smash The Replay Button For

"Ashley Ave": SondorBlue just dropped "Ashley Ave" as their newest single off their upcoming EP. The song is a sugary sweet friendship anthem thick with expert arrangements of harmony and percussion. If you close your eyes and you're not careful, the calm, lush layers can summon a daydream you'll get lost in. The track lingers for five minutes, a sonic promenade of contentment, as throbbing bass pulses beneath jangling drum beats and swells of vocal versatility.

"The Moon and You": Off their 2016 debut EP, Realometer, "The Moon and You" is a mesmerizing ballad that defies genres. Opening with a groovy instrumental line, it quickly makes way for three-part vocals that each introduce a sliver of their distinct styles before merging for an explosion of goosebump-inducing harmony, all dancing atop perfectly timed percussion and woozy guitar rhythms.

"Opinions": Earlier this year, the band released a feisty single, "Opinions," in response to the unrealistic (and unfair) expectations in the music community. With the message to remain individualistic, the guys offer a slinking, one-of-a-kind track with heavy alt-rock rhythms and in-your-face vocal delivery, while a wild, fiery, delicious electric solo adds a vibrancy to the urgent anthem. 

Watch Them In Action

During a live performance with WSBF earlier this year, SondorBlue performed 5 songs with more heart and energy than you can imagine. The quality is strong and watching the harmonies come to life is something a lot like magic.

Last year, SondorBlue gave a gorgeous, stripped-back performance of "More Than Reality" and "The Moon And You" with B-Side Sessions.

How To Connect With The Band

You can follow SondorBlue on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, and their website


We hope you've fallen in love with SondorBlue and the magic they make together. You can connect with The Music Mermaid for more artist spotlights below.

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