C-Pop Star KUN Heads to U.S. on Sold-Out Tour

C-Pop Star KUN Heads to U.S. on Sold-Out Tour

Chinese pop artist Cai Xukun rose to national fame over the last few years with his participation in several big performance-based reality shows. Last year, Cai was one of 100 contestants to compete for a spot in what would become Nine Percent, a brand new C-pop boy band formed by the final nine contestants on reality survival show Idol Producer. Since the band’s inception just last year, Nine Percent have garnered many awards, released several singles and their debut album to great acclaim, and continue to rise in the C-pop world.

Now, Cai is heading back to the U.S. (he went to high school in California) on a brief solo tour under the moniker KUN. The bad news is that it’s totally sold-out already but the good news is that KUN is quickly becoming a major force in the pop scene and we’re lucky to watch his fanbase grow internationally.

If you’re one of the extra lucky ones who managed to score a ticket to one of KUN’s U.S. dates, you’ll be catching shows in these locations:

KUN Tour Dates for Solo Tour “One”

4/4 - Harbour Event Center, Vancouver

4/5 - The Midway, San Francisco

4/6 - Academy, Los Angeles

4/7 - Kings Hall, New York

4/12 - Brixton Electric, London

If you’re like us and won’t have a chance to catch KUN out on tour, don’t worry. He’s blowing up so we’re pretty sure he’ll be back again soon. In the meantime, immerse yourself in his latest music video for “Wait Wait Wait,” a gorgeous visual accompaniment to his punchy electro-pop track.

“Wait Wait Wait” kicks off with a sparkling piano line and clusters of deep dance beats plinking in the distance. Cai’s voice is perfect — it’s strong and steady but sweet, too, so it delivers an impossibly smooth tone that never falters, even when the arrangement starts to bubble over with frenetic rhythms. For the length of the song, Cai sings coolly atop rapid-fire electro beats, soft harmony, and buzzing synth spikes. The music video for “Wait Wait Wait” is hypnotic — every single shot is a masterpiece as Cai travels through a series of intense action and standstill art. We watch as he floats in a magic aquatic kingdom, traverse through the bustling neon city, saunter through an active painting, and more. It’s an eclectic optic rush to match the throbbing complexities of the music — KUN does it all beautifully.

Connect with KUN on Facebook, Instagram, and his website. Stay tuned for his inevitable international success, too — KUN is a star.

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