Around The Clock: 24 Songs for 24 Hours

Around The Clock: 24 Songs for 24 Hours

12 months in a year. 4 weeks in a month. 7 days in a week. 24 hours in a day.

We’re not here to get into the unending black hole of analyzing the passing of time or stir up wide-eyed conspiracies about how time isn’t even real. As the great Mariah Carey once tweeted, “Time is not something I acknowledge.” Shrug emoji.

We just wanted to have a little fun and music search in a new way, so we’ve curated an Around The Clock playlist just for you. You’ll find 24 songs each named chronologically for every hour in the day. We kick things off with a punchy “6 AM” indie anthem, move later into the ambient “Noon,” dabble in some quick “8IGHT O’CLOCK” rap, then end 24 hours and songs later with a gentle “5AM” comedown. There’s no rhyme or reason to this playlist — nothing to tie it together sonically, no single genre or emotion, so dive in if you’re brave.

Skip way down below to follow the playlist and get listening or stick with us here while we shout out each track in just three words each because, well, who’s got the time for more?

6 AM by Von Grey: harmony-laden, jangly, smashing

7:30 Am by Slothrust: rollicking, fuzzy, angsty

8:30 by chief.: chill, thumping, otherworldly

9 am / GOODNIGHT by Chill Chicos: vibes, shimmering, calm

10 AM by Left Boy: excited, old-school, bright

11:34 AM by Saxxx: hypnotic, layers, plinking

Noon by Jaeden Camstra: smooth, buzzing, warble

1:30 by Worst Party Ever: crowded, cloudy, punchy

2:26 PM by dude26: cool, ambient, steady

3 in the afternoon by panda llama: fizz, percussion, echo

4 PM (Stupid Famous Quotes) by Mixtapes: strum, twang, gritty

PM 5:00 by Siamese Cats: dream, smash, surf

6 O’clock by Emilie Zoé: shadow, wispy, looming

7 O’clock on the Dot by Duncan Burnett: makeout, slowburn, trill

8IGHT O’CLOCK by Charlie: quick-wit, drum pad, bloom

It Was 9:30 and You Were Beautiful by WMD: warmth, chirp, coax

10 PM by Emo Fruits: lax, tender, dirty

11:11 by Waterparks: anxious, angry, pound

midnight, somewhere by Idealism: piano, unfold, sunrise

1 Am by Jinsang: sleek, burst, fizzle

2 AM by Rapsody + Ab-Soul: punchy, classic, firm

3 AM at a Party by Soccer Mommy: dream, distance, think

4 AM by Ea Kaya: twinkle, harsh, emotion

5AM by Amber Run: hurt, resigned, crawl

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