Exclusive: Brooklyn Rock Band Earthquake Lights Drop New Video For "The Fix"

Exclusive: Brooklyn Rock Band Earthquake Lights Drop New Video For "The Fix"

Back in 2011, a couple talented multi-instrumentalists met in college and formed Earthquake Lights, an indie-rock project aptly named: suggesting a force, a power, a vibrancy that, seven years later, the five-piece band still regularly employs despite not having officially released anything since their debut EP, Bangups & Hangups, in 2012. 

They know it's been a long wait, though, so they're gracing us with a killer new live performance of "The Fix," one of the most popular tunes off their EP. Time changes things. It can warp our memories or destroy the good of the past, but that's not what's happened here. The guys of Earthquake Lights have been performing these tracks live for at least six years now and they're just getting better. Piled into a little studio room and armed with their respective instruments (like a fifth limb), the band treats "The Fix" tenderly, with great care and a kind of methodical approach. The sound is robust, but soft, a sweeping calm that floats throughout the track.

Recorded at Douglass Recording in Brooklyn, this live take finds Earthquake Lights sharing the most intimate of sonic spaces. They're together, making magic in a place that exists solely for that reason, and they're supporting each other with an admirable sort of musical camaraderie. Each member is all in on the unique perspective they give to the band.

We've got frontman Myles Rodenhouse on vocals, breathy but steady, delivering a visibly emotional performance. On keys, Cameron Underhill crafts a subtle jazzy rhythm, offering a layer of secret flavor to the track, and contributes distant harmonies. On guitar, Evan Douaihy builds the very basis of the song: a delicate and melodic rhythm line that holds its own damn well but allows for the rest of the arrangement to be its best. Laying down bass rhythms is James DiGirolamo, contributing woozy finger-picking efforts; soft, deep, swollen tones. Steve Helms provides constant percussion, never aggressive or heavy-hitting, but instead a gorgeous stream of stable pulses that expertly match the urgency of the arrangement's occasional crescendos. 

"The Fix" is a hazy soundscape playing with classic Brit-rock rhythms (toned and softened into subtlety) and quiet Sunday morning jazz components, almost drunken in their listing, languishing, lulling nature. For three lovely minutes, Earthquake Lights deliver a lush indie-rock track laden with a special kind of dreaminess. 

Watch the band's new live performance of "The Fix" below and read on for our exclusive interview with the guys. You can connect with Earthquake Lights on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Music Mermaid: First, can you tell The Music Mermaid a little about yourselves and your music?
Earthquake Lights: We met in college and started making music together in 2011. After we graduated, we recorded our EP, Bangups & Hangups, at Perfect Sound Studios in LA and started playing shows wherever we could get them in and around NYC. We make music that combines our old and new influences and puts an emphasis on genuine instrumentation. 

TMM: You guys are based in Brooklyn, home of some enormous sonic talent. How has the music scene there influenced your work at all?
EL: When we first moved to the city, most of the bands we knew were already somewhat established on the scene. We tried to learn the ropes of being a working band as best we could by following their example. Musically, the Brooklyn scene is where our sound feels the most at home, especially as opposed to Nashville or LA. There’s a huge range of musical styles represented here and we try to expose ourselves to as much of it as possible, but in reality we draw inspiration from all over. 

TMM: Can you talk a little about your new video for “The Fix”?
EL: "The Fix" has always been one of our most popular songs at live shows, which made it a great candidate for our first live video. When we were filming, it was important to us that we were all playing together in the same room. We believe we’re at our best when we’re playing in as close to a natural setting as possible. 

TMM: Your debut release was way back in 2012 but it looks like you guys are gearing up to drop a full-length record soon if we’re lucky. Any word on that process?
EL: Yes! The record is done. We’re finishing up artwork and finalizing our release strategy. We’re very excited. We spent a lot of time and effort over the past several years crafting these songs and we’re very proud of the finished product. Most of the writing and recording was done at Douglass Recording, our singer’s studio, and the strings were tracked at Abbey Road studios in London. 

TMM: What has been your most memorable music moment so far?
EL: Certainly a big one was stepping into the room at Abbey Road, where the Beatles made so much iconic music, and hearing the London Symphony Orchestra record next door in Studio 1. We weren’t sure how the string session would go, but the players nailed it from the downbeat and after that, we knew everything was going to come out great. The lasting memory is really a sum of the many sessions spent writing the songs, demoing, arranging, and finally recording. Looking back, the day-to-day process is what made the finished product so satisfying and memorable. 

The Music Mermaid: Finally, what’s next for Earthquake Lights?
Earthquake Lights: We’re all definitely excited to release the record as soon as possible. In addition to this one, we have a bunch of new videos that we’ll be putting out leading up to the release, and of course we’re looking forward to performing the new music live.

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