Our Favorite Songs from February 2019

Our Favorite Songs from February 2019

This year, February music searching brought us a ridiculous amount of top-tier talent. There have been so many amazing releases that we’re having a little trouble letting go. But it’s March now, and we have to move on, so we’ve put together a list of our 25 favorite songs from last month. Btw, these aren’t just brand new songs — we’ve also included the songs we happened to stumble on during our day-to-day music discovery, so you might see older tracks on here too.

Follow our handy dandy playlist way below to hear what we were listening to and loving this February!

Quick shout-out to a couple of folks who first introduced us to a few of these… Alex Beciana, Dan Gorman, and Holly Rees. Thanks for the help, pals!

In no particular order, here are the songs we were (still are) head-over-heels for and think you should be too:

1. “Man Down” by Reece: Up-and-coming R&B superstar Reece just dropped his debut EP, I’m Not Sure Yet, last month but it doesn’t sound like a debut — it’s polished and phenomenal, marking Reece as a contender for major music opportunities in the future. “Man Down” is a slinky, warbling track mesmeric in its unique pairing of dark electro rhythms and Reece’s lax vocals.

2. “Sugardaddy” by Lauran Hibberd: Lauran could make reading the phonebook out loud the most fun we’ve had in years. Her newest single “Sugardaddy” is Lauran as we know and love her — totally tongue-in-cheek, clever, punchy, sardonic, and addictive in all its buzzy glory. The music video for it is perfect beyond belief, too.

3. “Blush” by Wolf Alice: The title track off English indie outfit Wolf Alice’s 2013 EP, “Blush” is a quiet stunner. It’s sweet and unassuming, led by gentle guitar strums and synth swells blooming in the distance behind breathy vocals delivering a gut-punch track.

4. “Dream Girl” by skirts: This song by Texas-based indie-folk artist skirts (Alex Montenegro) is one of those songs that slips inside you and nestles around your bones, squeezing tight. The vocals are a dreamy wisp aided by the tender plink of keys, a composition so pretty and so warm (like a hug) that it physically hurts.

5. “Kaffeklubben” by Camel Power Club: Prolific (and ever elusive) producer Camel Power Club’s song “Kaffeklubben” bursts open from the get-go with shimmering percussion and wooden beats. It’s hypnotic and it sounds so damn good.

6. “Ondulation” by Burning Peacocks: Parisian pop band Burning Peacocks’ 2017 single feels like sunshine. Sweet French rolls right off the tongue, bouncing amid an upbeat arrangement of sunny indie-pop rhythms, jangly and joyous.

7. “Selena” by Civic: Boston alt-folk group Civic don’t have many releases (and actually haven’t released anything in a few years) but we’re still stuck on this total masterpiece. It’s a fuzzy garage-rock track built on warring instrumentation and wavering vocals delivering a sweet hook.

8. “Cut Yr Teeth” by Kississippi: Philly pop rockers Kississippi’s track “Cut Yr Teeth” off their last release is… perfect. Zoe’s voice is an opiate, the guitar work is tender, and when the drums come in, the song is elevated to something even dreamier than we thought possible.

9. “Growin’ Down” by Illiterate Light: Virginia-based indie-rock duo Illiterate Light just dropped their debut EP, Sweet Beast, a few months ago, showcasing a dynamic effort to die for. “Growin’ Down” is remarkable — it’s rocking but sweetened by twangy guitar and a whole lot of sonic surprises.

10. “brunch.” by The Zells: Based in Pittsburgh, five-piece alt outfit The Zells keep releasing fuzzy garage-rock bangers. This one chugs along on a relaxed mission, featuring searing guitar rhythms and foggy pop-rock melodies to sing along to at top volume.

11. “Jeremy” by Muncie Girls: On their last release, UK rock band Muncie Girls deliver “Jeremy,” driven by tough guitar riffs and heavy percussion. It’s so good. Everything about it cuts straight to the heart, but it’s still buzzing with punk-rock power.

12. “Artifact” by Helenor: The musical moniker of Boston creative David DiAngelis, Helenor’s newest single “Artifact” is drowsy with a languishing kind of warmth. Smacks of percussion, distant sparkles, and chunky guitar riffs merge for a perfect poolside pop bop.

13. “Low Key” by Ally Brooke ft. Tyga: One of Ally Brooke’s first singles since going solo from Fifth Harmony, “Low Key” is the ultimate dance-pop banger. It’s sexy and slinking, taking its time before it erupts into an electric arrangement of thick drum pad beats and glittery dark-pop rhythms.

14. “Tiny Things” by Tristan Puig: Last year, singer-songwriter Tristan Puig released their debut album, a collection of soft soul-deep songs. On this track, Tristan seems to hand-deliver heartbreak with their gentle guitar riff and aching voice. It’s another one of those songs that stays with you and tears you apart, but we welcome the pain since it’s just so pretty.

15. “Yeah You Right” by Joe Cardigan ft. Marie Vibes: Chicago R&B artist Joe Cardigan has a whole bunch of total bangers but “Yeah You Right” takes the cake. There’s something so desperate and urgent about it (maybe in the rapid-fire synth and looming percussion), made beautiful by unexpected vocal harmony.

16. “Fortunately” by Dichotomy: Alt-rock group Dichotomy’s newest single is a high-powered rock romp. A tug-of-war between the softer, slinking moments and the quick, loud rages, “Fortunately” is an energetic example of good old searing indie-rock.

17. “Never Enough” by Soft Streak: On their debut EP released last month, LA electro-pop duo Soft Streak offered up an A+ collection of dizzyingly beautiful little pop gems, none more so than “Never Enough.” It’s like an awakening — it looms up out of the distance with pretty piano sparkles and heart-heavy lyrics floating in the sweet soundscape.

18. “Restart” by Szjerdene: Blessed with a golden voice, London singer-songwriter Szjerdene’s newest single “Restart” is a gorgeous smash of electronic experimentation built on warm synth and flavored by a rise of strings later on in the piece.

19. “Brother” by Strawberry Runners: Off Philly pop-rock group Strawberry Runners’ 2017 release, “Brother” tells a bittersweet narrative. The songwriting is a total dream, rivaled only by the soft shimmers and quiet rock rhythms of the arrangement.

20. “Summer of my Discontentment” by Geographer: Cali indie band Geographer’s new single washes over you like a wave. Led by the quick sparkle of keys and plumes of synth rising in the distance, it bursts into a gorgeous indie-pop anthem.

21. “Bad Habit (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)” by Your Smith: The original version of “Bad Habit” by soulful singer Your Smith is impossibly dreamy but its remix by electronic artist Japanese Wallpaper transforms it into a buzzy, punchy world of plinking beats and soft, swollen melodies.

22. “Take Care Of Me” by Saw Tooth Wave: Cris Cordero’s new project Saw Tooth Wave finds him delivering high-quality indie-rock from the get-go. His debut single “Take Care Of Me” is an addictive foray into psychedelically tinged rock courtesy of Cris’ wailing croon and complex arrangement.

23. “Red Kitchen” by German Error Message: A new single from Nashville-based folk project German Error Message, “Red Kitchen” hurts. Floating along a bed of tender alt-folk rhythms and ambient tones, Paul delivers an earnest song to break your heart.

24. “Heart Attack” by Wild Rivers: Toronto indie-folk band Wild Rivers have a whole discography full of gorgeous gems but none quite like this: bittersweet, aching, unexpected; a composition equal parts mesmeric and gentle.

25. “Insecure” by WAYI: On her new single, Antwerp-based singer-songwriter WAYI presents a slick R&B anthem that sends her sweet vocals into the spotlight, assisted by jazzy keys and smooth percussive shimmers.


Listen to our February 2019 Favorites playlist below and let us know if you find anything you love!

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