Our Favorite Songs from March 2019

Our Favorite Songs from March 2019

Last month was so ridiculously good for music searching that we realized we needed to start giving a little extra love to our monthly favorites. You already saw what we were listening to and loving in February, but now that it’s officially almost April (how’d that happen so fast?!), we’re ready to reveal the songs that stole our heart this March. Btw, these aren’t restricted purely to March releases — we’re always sifting and searching for music that’s new to us, so these are 25 songs we heard for the very first time this month.

Quick shout-out to our super sweet community of fellow music lovers and friends — we’ve gotten tons of extra help music searching this month thanks to people like Holly Rees and Travis Shosa, whose many recommendations quickly became TMM’s favorites of the month. Thanks pals!

In no particular order, our favorite tracks of March 2019…

1. “Pink Lights, and the Dixieland Band” by Westelaken: Toronto band Westelaken dabble in punchy punk moments, outlaw country tunes, twangy dirges, and everything in between. This song off their debut album takes its time making a statement; before it’s grand, it’s gentle. Before it trills, it hums. It’s a dynamic track steeped in sincerity.

2. “Sensory Memory” by Jen Cloher: Australian singer-songwriter Jen Cloher has a gift for songwriting. This track off her latest album says so much in so few strings of perfect words, aided by the gentle gallop of guitar riffs and some padded percussion keeping pace behind Jen’s frequent surprises.

3. “Happiness, Pt. 1” by Satchmode: This is the song that would float over your head if you were a Sim in the real world. It’s electric in its buzzing, plinking electronica, utterly infectious and flavored by a sweet falsetto. It is indeed happiness made into music.

4. “Balmorrhea” by Half Stack: Lazing and lovely, “Balmorrhea” is one of many dreamy ballads by Oakland indie band Half Stack. There’s so much sweetness to it, but the real triumph lays in those plucky guitar solos and gritty vocals.

5. “Meg Said” by Postrich Bear: On his newest album, Postrich Bear offers up a wild ride of poetic indie gems. The record’s opener is twangy and searing, a discordant mish-mash of tones and tempos that results in a tender, if not wholly unexpected, little love song.

6. “A Way To Stop” by The Wild Reeds: The Wild Reeds can make absolutely anything sound like it’s come to you in a dream — this track off their new album Cheers is no different. It follows a routine indie arrangement for a while but when the chorus drops, it’s a wild, soaring declaration, a confession, a reminder, and its sudden grandiosity breaks the heart.

7. “Numb” by Baker Grace: The ultimate pop anthem released just a few weeks ago, “Numb” has already surpassed over half a million streams. It bursts with rapid-fire electro-pop beats, lax vocal delivery, and a singalong hook.

8. “Habit” by Rosie Tucker: LA-based artist Rosie Tucker’s new album is ridiculously good, so it’s almost cruel to choose just one favorite from it, but “Habit” epitomizes what we love about Rosie — their skillful guitar work, their soul-deep songwriting, their transition from a relaxed drawl to a desperate howl.

9. “Drinking Song” by Haley Heynderickx: This is the song that helped Haley find her way to NPR Tiny Desk and for good reason. The lilt and twang of her strumming creates a one-of-a-kind base for her breathy vocals to float on, a song straddling the line between simple folk ditty and complex indie ballad.

10. “Sheep” by Mt. Joy: LA-based indie-rock group Mt. Joy’s 2017 single moves in waves. There’s the soft fluttering at the very beginning, a soulful croon over jazzy rhythms, and a growing urgency that blooms from the ground up to offer a meandering indie anthem.

11. “Tea, Milk & Honey” by Oh Pep!: This track from Australian duo Oh Pep! is a master class in production and songwriting prowess. Sit with it for the full effect — so much soaring, striking growth happens in layers, but it takes its time, moving from a bare-bones dream to a robust indie effort swirling around its own tiers of newness.

12. “Tempo” by Lizzo ft. Missy Elliott: Lizzo is literally the greatest human to grace the planet, and her new collaboration with the legendary Missy Elliott had the world stoked. Obviously. It’s dark and sexy but it goes hard with percussive slaps, Lizzo’s lax drawl, Missy’s quick-witted verses, and deep beats.

13. “Total Zombie” by Day Wave: Powered by punchy smacks of percussion and dreamy surf-rock vibes, Cali band Day Wave’s “Total Zombie” off their debut EP back in 2015 is a perfect slice of melodic indie magic left to sway in the breeze.

14. “Is That” by Ivan & The Parazol: The newest single from Hungarian glam-rock band Ivan & The Parazol is destined for commercial coverage. It’s powered by unrelenting indie rhythms and masterful instrumental camaraderie, a laidback anthem that erupts only when it needs to.

15. “Love Leaks” by TT: On “Love Leaks,” guitarist and vocalist Theresa Wayman creates a creeping indie soundscape. Draped in shadows and pulsing with deep thrums of percussion, it acts as a slow-burn until morphing into a dreamy, eerie arrangement that runs far, far away from its quaint beginnings.

16. “The Perfect Life” by Pip Hall: Quick and sweet, this song from UK artist Pip Hall merges light folk efforts with edgy riffs. There’s no real buildup or even much of a climax, so it’s endlessly sugared in its ongoing indie-rock rhythms.

17. “Fantasies” by Cult Film: UK lo-fi project Cult Film’s song starts off as a smash of fuzzy garage-rock subtlety before moving into drowsy vocal resignation delivering earnest lyrics, surf-tinged rhythm lines, and growing emotion.

18. “When I Awoke” by Toth: The lead single off Toth’s upcoming solo album, “When I Awoke” exists somewhere in the limbo of its own self. The hint and sear of strings hums in the distance behind soft acoustic strums, all while the vocals travel a wide map of new tonal territory.

19. “Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy: Vibrating right out the gate, “Goodie Bag” is the drunken summer anthem you need. It’s impossibly sleek, built on a base of expertly layered electronica-meets-acoustic vibes. Dripping in a sensual sort of repose, it fizzes like popping a soda can on a hot July day.

20. “Crazy Love” by T R U V O N N E: Featured in TV drama Good Trouble, “Crazy Love” by R&B singer T R U V O N N E is underwater. It’s trapped in bubbles, brought up brimming on the surface of a cool current. It’s utterly hypnotic, a dreamy slow-burn made soulful by T R U V O N N E’s versatile voice.

21. “Different Now” by Chastity Belt: Seattle rock band Chastity Belt’s 2017 song is rife with tender indie rhythm lines, made more urgent by a growing percussive wave around it, but once the vocals come in, a new layer of emotion is unveiled to craft something both melancholy and melodic.

22. “Silver Civic” by Charlotte Cornfield: Canadian singer-songwriter Charlotte Cornfield masters in the gut-punch. “Silver Civic” is lyrically sheer genius, made all the more beautiful by gentle acoustic strums and what becomes a crescendo of emotion and instrumentation later on.

23. “Easier To Love” by Kississippi: Last month, Kississippi’s “Cut Yr Teeth” was one of our favorite tracks. This month, it’s “Easier To Love,” one of those songs that cuts deep and leaves you bleeding. It’s airy and there’s a twinkle to it, but the uncertainty and sincerity is so palpable in steady percussive beats and dreamy vocal delivery that it’s ultimately a beautiful soul-crusher.

24. “Juice” by Taliwhoah: Off her brand new EP, SOLAR, “Juice” is an eclectic excursion into the mind of the R&B artist. Tali does it all — she’s got hooks, she’s got chiming electronica, she’s got soul. It’s smooth as hell.

25. “Whole Again” by Mess: Kansas City band Mess’ new album is a stunner all the way through, but “Whole Again” accomplishes what very few songs can do humbly — bring you to your knees, leave you keeled over like somebody kicked you in the stomach, and they did, because the songwriting here is so beautiful it’s almost violent. Everything about the track is too breathy, too barely-there, too brutal. A dream.


Listen to our March 2019 Favorites playlist below and let us know if you find anything you love!

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