Editor's Note: Happy New Year from The Music Mermaid

Editor's Note: Happy New Year from The Music Mermaid

It’s almost a week into 2019 and we’re beyond excited to see where things go for us this year — both personally and professionally. Our editor Savannah is here to reflect on The Music Mermaid’s past year and what’s to come for us in the future.

First thing’s first:

Happy New Year!

I know I’m a few days late, but the sentiment still stands since we’ve got 359 brand new days waiting for us!

In 2018, The Music Mermaid was in its first full year of operation. I launched TMM in August of 2017 after a tough breakup with the music blog of my dreams, one I had worked hard to build for several years. But things change, and I know this, so I pummeled my way through a brief and deserved fit of melodrama and then burst out the other side stronger than ever. A few months after I left my first music review site, I launched The Music Mermaid. Built up from scratch, cheered on by family and friends, I quickly introduced TMM to the world as an online music publication working to share the most magical, marvelous music I was sure you all wouldn’t want to miss. I don’t know if that’s always true — but I hope it is. I’m just desperate to give a little love to the musicians I think deserve it.

The truth is that TMM is a one-person team. I manage everything from email communications to social media curation to writing all editorial content and web design and analytics and more — my fellow DIY music journalists know how hard this can be but they also know how fruitful it is and how much I adore it day-to-day. You’ll find often that I write “we” in editorial and social content. “We” means me and you. “We” is the entire TMM community — the artists we cover, our readers, our friends, the other music writers and labels and PR peeps we love. I have big dreams for The Music Mermaid. Sometimes they feel bigger than what might be plausible or even possible, but just having those dreams is important to me, and feeling that there’s a “we” to this endeavor makes them feel a lot more likely to come true.

The past year afforded TMM over 21,000 unique visitors and nearly 28,000 page views. We scored over 600 Facebook likes, over 400 Instagram followers, and nearly 500 followers on Twitter. We know these aren’t groundbreaking numbers and we also know that vanity metrics are bullshit guideposts, but to me, they mean that people are caring and that they’re continuing to care. They’ve let The Music Mermaid into their lives, even for a tiny fleeting moment, and that means everything to me.

In 2018,

  • TMM published 153 reviews, premieres, interviews, articles, and more.

  • TMM curated 7 exclusive themed playlists.

  • I interviewed two of my most favorite musicians and biggest inspirations in the world: the talk-music group Listener and hip-hop mastermind Blueprint.

  • We started conducting audio interviews — by total accident! I asked a band to send over a written quote about their song, but there was some miscommunication and they sent over an audio soundbite instead. I loved it. Scoring audio clips has since become the most exciting, exclusive feature TMM has. It’s a great way for artists to talk through their process briefly and a more intimate way for fans to get to know their minds! So far we’ve hosted 14 audio interviews.

  • I said goodbye to another two of my most beloved musical inspirations, Aretha Franklin and Scott Hutchison.

  • My quote and byline was used on a promo poster from EXNATIONS. This will probably be the coolest thing ever to happen for me. It was crazy exciting and now I have a signed copy tacked on my wall. You can see it here.

  • I made so many fantastic, important friends and contacts across the industry. Special shout-out to our blog squad (Crysta, Adam, Dale, Callum, Vanessa, Abby), Sofie, UNBLOOM, Rob, and so many more.

  • TMM launched Sound Support, an initiative to encourage fans to support the music they love in a monetary way in exchange for a specially curated playlist I build just for them. So far only two folks have joined the initiative, but it’s already gotten a ton of love and support from our TMM community!

In 2019,

  • I want to write 200+ reviews.

  • I want Sound Support to take off and spread through our community.

  • I want to build playlists on a more consistent basis — at least once a month with a community-chosen theme.

  • I want to get back to conducting TMM interviews over the phone instead of email.

  • I want to create a quarterly TMM zine.

  • I want to create and sell TMM merch.

  • I want to reach 1,000 followers across all of TMM’s social platforms.

  • I want to monetize The Music Mermaid.

  • I want to get my music writing published in print for the first time ever.

  • I want to connect professionally in any capacity with Rhymesayers Entertainment, #WomenCrush Music, Bandcamp, No Earbuds!, Team Love Records, Spotify, Sasha Sloan, and tons more.

  • I want to start considering in what ways TMM can evolve and function with new branches of artist development or PR or anything under the sun that will get me closer to music.

We’ve had a great year.

2019 is bound to be even better.

From me to you, thank you for all the love and support you’ve given The Music Mermaid this past year. We’re looking forward to even more music magic ahead and we hope you’ll join us all the way.

xo Savannah Davanzo
The Music Mermaid

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