Pop Rocker Maddie Ross' Raging Bubblegum Reign

Pop Rocker Maddie Ross' Raging Bubblegum Reign

Do you remember Pink Slip from Freaky Friday — the badass punk-rock band Lindsay Lohan’s character played in? Years ago when we were first introduced to Los Angeles pop-rocker Maddie Ross, we ventured to say she was the real-life reincarnation of the unarguably best part of that 2003 cinematic masterpiece.

It wasn’t a far leap. Maddie’s 2016 EP, Making Out Is Easy, was a fleeting slice of bubblegum angst. Fuzzy and jangly, it merged two worlds — sugar and spice — in the same energetic way that Pink Slip did in Freaky Friday and all our subsequent dreams about resurrecting the fictional band. Over the last few years, Maddie’s only upped the ante. Each release following Making Out Is Easy has been bubbling with the kind of DIY power only Maddie Ross and her producer (+ girlfriend — we love a good love story) Wolfy can perfect together.

Photo by      Shabnam Ferdowsi

This past October, Maddie and Wolfy dropped Touch Hands, Touch Bodies, another sweet selection of buzzy, fuzzy love songs. Putting music to picture-perfect moments of soul-deep love, Maddie delivers five quick tracks rich with her distinct sugar + spice voice, powerful rock rhythms, and that perfect blend of candy-coated punky pop. From the breathy vocal moments and high-powered percussion on “Physical” to the innocent anxiety and punchy electric notes of “Hometown,” Maddie’s newest EP served up more of what we love from her.

Thank god Maddie knows we’re desperate to devour anything else she wants to offer. A dramatic reading of the phonebook, perhaps? Sign us up. We need more — more rage, more fog, more sugar. On May 10th, Maddie’s releasing her debut full-length album, Never Have I Ever, on Sentimental Records. It’s a concept album of sorts but there’s a new twist to it that, again, nobody but Maddie and Wolfy could have dreamed up and executed: each song acts as the sole soundtrack to the 90s and 00s teen movies we grew up memorizing line-by-line. Choosing specific scenes — like the initial roll-up to a new school or a steamy kiss shared by two unlikely characters — Never Have I Ever aims to soundtrack a new kind of film: the inclusive kind with queer cuties falling madly in love to the tune of some perfect pop-rock anthems.

A few weeks ago, Maddie dropped “Tell Your Friends,” the lead single off the upcoming album. It’s the quintessential Maddie Ross banger — loose, lax vocal delivery droning over an urgent, zig-zagging arrangement of percussive smashes and searing guitar work.

To celebrate and promote Never Have I Ever, Maddie and Wolfy teamed up to make magic. They’ve got the music, the motifs, and the branding covered, but the one thing they were missing that none of us even considered?

A totally wicked, uber-cool, mega-awesome teen zine. Bursting with quirky features like quizzes and interviews and even advertisements, it’s an adorably perfect throwback to the early 2000s lifestyle Maddie’s new album will hearken back to. Download your copy of Sentimental Records Magazine over on Maddie’s website right here.

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If you love fizzy bubblegum pop-rock and the twangy angst of its sassy recipe, go listen to Maddie Ross. She’s our reigning queen for this sort of thing.

And she’s got big things coming for us.

Listen to Maddie Ross on Soundcloud below and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Featured photo of Maddie Ross + a bunch of boys by Shabnam Ferdowsi

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