The Music Mermaid's Soundtrack for Spring

The Music Mermaid's Soundtrack for Spring

It’s finally springtime! The flowers are blooming, the green is coming back, and we’re feeling the good time vibes. We want you to feel them too, so we’ve curated a super special spring playlist full of songs that make us wanna dance this season. We’ve got buzzy electro-pop bops, punchy garage-rock anthems, dreamy singalongs, and a whole lot in between. Enjoy:

  1. “Honeybee” by The Head and the Heart: Indie-folk band The Head and the Heart’s newest single is built on thick, resounding slaps of percussion moving through layers of tenderness before bursting into a subtle kind of sweetness.

  2. “Thinkin Bout You” by Ciara: Ciara is a legend, obviously, so it’s no surprise that her new single is a total bop, but it’s such a bop that it feels genuinely impossible to not have it on repeat until we’re dead. From the get-go, it begs to be danced to. Her falsetto is sweet, the beats are slick, and the whole track is an addictive springtime banger.

  3. “La Malanga” by Preservation Hall Jazz Band: Every single song from this New Orleans jazz band is killer but here we’ve got high-energy passion, quick rhythms, and a whole lot of sunshine blending with a buzzing brass section for five and a half colorful minutes.

  4. “Body” by Kate Kay Es: Brooklyn artist Kate Kay Es’ 2018 single “Body” twinkles. It’s this soft, sweet electro-pop gem so subtle in its warmth. It’s the slightest bit sugary but it’s got an icy edge too so it’s the perfect spring song to sway along to with the windows down.

  5. “Flirting With Her” by Sir Babygirl: Built on thick riffs and versatile vocals lost in the distance of 80s-tinged percussive punches and grunge-y instrumental interludes, this track by DIY pop star Sir Babygirl is nothing short of totally addictive.

  6. “I Wonder” by Bay Ledges: Off their 2018 EP, Cali indie-rock band Bay Ledges’ “I Wonder” is a sonic party. Rich with sunny bursts of pop beats and neon synth, it’s the epitome of carefree indie sweetness.

  7. “Lava” by Still Woozy: The new single from electro-acoustic artist Still Woozy is a dreamy slice of his genre-blending talent. It’s awash in smooth R&B flavor but playful in its inclusion of buzzy pop elements too.

  8. “blushing!” by BETWEEN FRIENDS: On “blushing!,” indie-pop trio BETWEEN FRIENDS deliver an electric effort that finds powerful electronic components erupting among an otherwise hazy arrangement.

  9. “I Can Dream” by Manatee Commune ft. Effee: Portland producer Manatee Commune stays making sweet electronica but his collab with Effee is perfect — it pops and fizzes, spilling over with a syrupy, sunny tone that feels like doing handstands in fresh grass on a warm day.

  10. “Outside Heaven” by Party Nails: Smashing from the start, the 2017 single from LA producer Party Nails is a singalong anthem equal parts sugar and spice. Everything about it is expertly crafted, from the strong vocals to the electronic base to the percussion and so much more.

  11. “Left Right” by Fresh Violet ft. Vida Sunshyne: On “Left Right,” Aussie rapper Fresh Violet and vocalist Vida Sunshyne deliver a quick-witted hip-hop track built on glitching rhythms and cool electro-pop power.

  12. “Valley” by BBGuns: Off indie hip-pop duo BBGuns’ upcoming album, “Valley” is an energetic anthem that twists and turns in ways you won’t expect. It’s a cacophony of chaos in the best way — a total, genuine joy to nod along to.

  13. “Panic Like Tom” by Riscas: UK band Riscas’ debut single “Panic Like Tom” doesn’t feel like a debut. It’s so fully-formed, a killer indie-pop effort that explodes with delicious surf-rock rhythms and a singalong hook.

  14. “Only Child” by Tierra Whack: One of today’s most masterful rappers, Tierra Whack’s single “Only Child” sounds like lowkey sunshine. It practically vibrates with these sweet synth warbles while Tierra smoothly sings line after clever line.

  15. “Sweet Tooth” by Isa Reyes: Young R&B artist Isa Reyes has the kind of voice you want to lull you to sleep but you can’t because it’s just so good you have to pay attention. Her “Sweet Tooth” single is a pulsing, mesmeric electronic piece.

  16. “Cute Without You” by Emma Blackery: Her brand new single, “Cute Without You” is an anthemic exploration of post-breakup pop from English vlogger Emma Blackery. It’s the radio recipe: explosive, colorful, laden with dancealong vibes.

  17. “I Don’t Wanna Leave” by Blushh: Los Angeles band Blushh won’t stop making garage-rock bops, like this fuzzy power anthem that finds matter-of-fact vocal delivery lost in a cloud of edgy, punchy rock.

  18. “Give It To Me Straight” by Micky James: Glam rocker Micky James’ debut single caused a splash last year — it’s just the most perfect indie-rock track hearkening back to all the best elements of the past, like flavorful key trills, aggressive vocal howls, and lurking instrumental unity.

  19. “Talk Is Cheap” by Kyle Thornton & The Company: This track from R&B collective Kyle Thornton & The Company dabbles across two worlds: the dreamy, soulful one and the robust, sparkling one. It’s fresh — a totally one-of-a-kind soundscape offered by a group of talented musicians.

  20. “Happy Song” by Jimi Charles Moody: Anything UK artist Jimi Charles Moody sings is perfect, but “Happy Song” is the quintessential springtime anthem. Pumping along with sweet piano hops and a deep croon, it’s the tongue-in-cheek singalong you didn’t know you needed.

  21. “Habibi Taal” by Alsarah & The Nubatones: Sung in Arabic, this track from Sudanese retro-pop group Alsarah & The Nubatones is the kind of song that plasters a smile to your face in seconds. It’s just so damn good. It’s strong and wistful, stacked with eclectic tones that help to create a rich arrangement to bless your ears.

  22. “Hard To Believe” by Charly Bliss: The newest single from Brooklyn power-pop outfit Charly Bliss is a homerun. Lost in the steady fuzz of garage-rock rhythms, the song is a tender confession masked as energetic effervescence.

  23. “Sad Disco” by SKAUSS: Anonymous electronic producer SKAUSS’ debut album is full of A+ tracks but “Sad Disco” accomplishes something extra special. A breathy, wispy, eerie falsetto floats over steady shimmers of electronica before erupting into a major dance anthem.

  24. “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog” by illuminati hotties: On their newest single, LA band illuminati hotties craft a gentle F-U anthem that is somehow equally as sweet as it is punk-rock, a worthy slice of their obvious talent.

  25. “Rebound” by Tayla Parx ft. Joey Bada$$: Celebrity songwriter Tayla Parx’ debut album is remarkable — every single song is another example of in-your-face R&B mastery but on “Rebound,” she teams up with Joey Bada$$ to deliver a dreamy, witty rap romp.

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