The Music Mermaid's 5 Playlist Soundtrack to Valentine's Day 2019

The Music Mermaid's 5 Playlist Soundtrack to Valentine's Day 2019

We love you. Seriously. We do. Why else would we have curated five totally different playlists just for you this Valentine’s Day?

Here’s the deal — we know that there are tons of different emotions and memories that start to crop up once Valentine’s Day rolls around every year. Maybe you’re madly in love and spending the day with somebody you care about. Maybe you’re a little on the single side of town and struggling to wade through the PDA. Maybe you’re somewhere in-between or maybe you really just truly don’t give a shit about this flashy excuse of corporate greed. Whatever you’re feeling on Valentine’s Day, you need a soundtrack for it.

That’s why we put together five separate playlists to hopefully match any V-Day mood. We’ve got your typical makeout mixtape, a playlist full of songs encouraging you to be your own valentine, a romantic one full of looove songs, a playlist for when you’re totally over the bullshit and sticking a middle finger up to this day, and, of course, your heartbreak soundtrack. Each one features 25 songs we adore and we hope you will too.

Without further ado… introducing… The Music Mermaid’s five-playlist collection for all your Valentine’s Day feels.

The Makeout Mixtape

You already know what you’ll find on this one. Or maybe you don’t. Sure, we’ve got all the sexy slow-burns but we’ve coupled them with some fuzzy lo-fi type stuff and dreamy sweeteners. From R&B crooner Sam Setton’s “Gum” to Waxahatchee’s broken wisp of a voice, from soul singer James Bambu’s aptly named “Love Nest” to the thumping harmonies of Ocie Elliott and tons more, our Makeout Mixtape is meant to transport you into a swirling, sizzling world ready to fog some windows. Too crude? Whatever. We meant it.

Be Your Own Valentine

Okay, so you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, who cares? Not you. Because you’re gonna be your own valentine. This playlist features tons of majorly badass empowerment anthems from Maddie Ross’ bubblegum-coated F U “Baby Doll” to Janelle and Erykah’s “Q.U.E.E.N.” There are a few comedowns on this one — softer reflections nestled among high-energy bangers — but they all have self-love in common, so every single song will remind you to hold yourself tight and put yourself first.

Valentine’s Day Is For Suckers!

If you’re feeling a little bitter (or maybe you’re not even bitter but you’re just not a fan of V-Day frippery), you’re not alone. For this playlist, we scoured across all genres (you’ll find rock, soul, folk, and pop on here but bear with us) to find the kinds of loveless tunes you can dance to in a furious frenzy. From Dr. Dog’s psych-rock matter-of-fact delivery to Lo Lo’s sugary break-up confession “Yours” and Miss Eaves’ addictive celebration of single life, we’ve covered the gamut of Valentine’s Day contempt.

Songs To Fall In Love To

In the vein of our makeout mixtape, we wanted a soundtrack you could tumble endlessly in love to. These are songs that might not sound like your typical love song (not everybody can be Whitney Houston) but their subject matter is chockful of super sweet confessions of infatuation. Some of them, like Fuvk’s moving “Pairs Of Two,” might make it onto your own makeout mix, but others like Leon Bridges’ dreamy “Beyond” or Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm” are best suited for the kind of big romantic gesture to kick off your unending love story with the person you’re meant to be with. Don’t forget to invite us to the wedding.

Heartbreak Soundtrack

Sometimes it feels like you can’t have love without heartbreak. Maybe that’s not true for everybody, but chances are you’re going to feel love paired with loss one day, and when that day comes, you’ll need a soundtrack for it. Most of the songs featured on this one are your typical melodramatic reflections and heart-hungry ballads, but no matter what genre or form they come in, each one is an earnest take on a broken heart. From singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi’s impassioned delivery to Tomberlin’s shadowy hurt, from folk duo The Swell Season’s gut-punch harmonies to Arlissa’s stunning reflection, these are the songs that have your back when love doesn’t.

There you have it — five totally different playlists for any mood you’re in on Valentine’s Day. Follow each one for easier access to that precious play button, hit shuffle, and make your way between the series just in case your heart decides to play tug-of-war on the big day. Nobody’s really alone on Valentine’s Day if they’ve got music, right?

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