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You get a special playlist curated just for you.

The artists you love get your support.


Sound Support is…

an initiative to support the music you love while learning to love the music you don’t know yet. In today’s digital age, we’ve got endless avenues of streaming that allow us to consume massive amounts of the entertainment we love. This is awesome and can be a really moving experience for artists to share with their fans, but it only makes it harder for artists to make a living off of their passion.

The Music Mermaid believes artists deserve to be paid for their work.

That’s why we propose…

a challenge, if you will, that encourages music lovers to give back a little. We know it’s not possible for everybody to offer monetary support all the time, so we’re simply asking you to pay-what-you-can for the music you love. In exchange, we’ll build you a super special playlist of songs we think you might like — and if you really do end up liking it, we hope you’ll be encouraged to drop a few more bucks to support the new music you’re digging.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You fill out your Music Profile below. We’ll ask you to list a couple of your favorite (and least favorite) songs, genres, and artists, along with a few other quick questions that will help us gauge what you might end up loving.

  2. You go shopping for sound! Stickers, pins, CDs, vinyl, digital streams, etc — from your local record store, from Bandcamp, directly from a band or label’s site. Show your support but buy your support too!

  3. You email The Music Mermaid a receipt (screenshot, forwarded email, picture, etc) of proof that you just bought merch or music from an artist or label you’re loving. We want this to be an active process, so as soon as you fill out your Music Profile, go buy! We don’t care if you spend a dollar or a million dollars, we just want you to support the artists who make your life better. Oh, but please don’t lie to us by sending us a receipt from a week ago — it makes us sad. We’ll be checking to make sure the dates match so better to just skip the whole trickery component all together.

  4. We get to work on a special playlist just for you. We might even follow up for some extra questions if your taste really stumps us, but eventually we’ll get it down in an easy-peasy Spotify playlist and then we’ll email it on over to you.

  5. You listen. You love. You keep supporting.


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